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Tripolene injection/overmoulding series SBS-SEBS are suitable for many product applications. They are developed to fulfil the required properties of our customers end-products. Our R&D people constantly improve the quality to meet the challenging requests of our customers. Improved properties such as adhesion, overmoulding, compression set, 100% recyclability, short cycle times, and easy processing are keywords for our high standard Tripolene Injection TPE-S compounds.


Within our injection/overmoulding series SBS-SEBS, we have the possibility to offer filled, unfilled as well as semi-filled grades and this in hardnesses from Shore A 5 to A 90.


Our compounds are well known in application areas such as

  • Toys

  • Sport and leisure equipment

  • Soft grips, soft touch products

  • Handles for working tools

  • Interior automotive components

  • Household and domestic items

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