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Tripolene Textile series are an engineered range of TPE-S compounds specially designed for the carpet and textile industry. Our gamma consists of compounds suitable either for the injection of mats as well as for the backing of carpets rugs via a post coextrusion process.

The combination of textile with the use of our engineered thermoplastic rubbers enhance the recyclability and circularity of the end-products enormously. This creates a high added value for our customers compared to the typical used vulcanized alternatives in terms of energy consumption, shorter processing time, zero waste and cost-efficiency.

The excellent direct bounding of our TPE textiles SBS-SEBS compounds to yarns such as PP and PA makes it very attractive for one step production processes.


Our compounds are well known in applications such as

  • Automotive mats

  • Door mats

  • Mud flaps 

  • Bath mats

  • Carpet rugs

  • Trunk liners

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